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Press Brake Tooling

Abkant takımlarında kendi standardını yaratan Wila, ve her marka ve model makinaya uygun takımlarda yüksek kalite, uygun fiyat ve kısa teslim süreleri ile öne çıkan Alman UKB firmasının ürünlerine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.


  • Wila Press Brake Tools

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    For more than 75 years, Wila has supplied trend-setting tools and accessories worldwide for press brake builders and users. Wila continues to invest in the latest bending technology. Objective: raise productivity of the press brake in the market for sheet metal working to ever-greater heights.

    Perfectionists at Wila leave nothing to chance. That holds true for the tooling range as well. Each tool model has been carefully selected and designed to fit into a tooling program that meets the many needs for bending a huge range of sheet parts in varying material types and thicknesses. The great selection of high quality tools means having the right tool available for practically any bending requirement.

    The essence of the New Standard top tools is the patented safety mechanism Safety-Click®, which is part of the top tool. This enables the vertical changeover of tool segments by simply clicking them in and out of the holder  vertically. Safety-ClickR alsomakes it possible to automatically change the tools with a robot.


    The advantages of New Standard Tooling


    • Quick and easy tool exchange
    • Exceptionally precise, safe and flexible.
    • Unsurpassed in speed and precision.
    • Construction according to the high Wila standards.
    • New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro tools can be used  in the same  clamping system
    • Exceptionally long life span.

    Standard program
    The Wila standard program includes a broad range of tools in the categories New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro.

    • Top tools (BIU)
      Suitable for all New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro clampings.
    • Bottom tools (OZU)
      To be used on all press brakes fitted with a clamping slot measuring 13.5 x 22 mm (WxH)
      The OZU’s with a work height of 100 mm in the New Standard Premium program and the New Standard Pro OZU’s are provided with extra large bending radii (approx. 20% of the V-opening) as standard. With these large shoulder radii marking on the sheet material will be minimal, while any protective foil will stay intact much longer.

    Different tools, same advantages
    Despite the differences in function, geometry and clamping principle, all New Standard tools have the same advantages:

    • New Standard Premium tools are available for both air bending and bottom bending.
    • All tools are delivered modulary in a number of standard lengths, This way, any working length can be accomplished in increments of 5 mm.


  • UKB Press Brake Tools

    UKB Logo

    UKB, is a forthcoming press brake tools and accessories producer located in Burbach - Germany, with production facilities covering 3.000m2 along with a storage area of 2.000m2. With an experience of 20 years, along with the products, UKB profficiently provides effective and reliable solutions to special production requirements.

    UKB tools cove a wide range of machines including but not limited to: 

    • Amada, Atlantic, Adira, Bystronic-Beyeler Euro-B, CR Electronic, Durmazlar, Ermaksan, Gasparini, Guifil, Haco, Imal, Mecos, Megobal, Promecam, SMD through the UKB System A Series,
    • Bystronic-Hämmerle, LVD, Trumpf through the UKB System B Series
    • Bystronic-Beyeler (Euro-A, RF-A, R, S),  Safan through the UKB System C Series.