Thick Turret Style Tooling

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Mate, endüstrinin en geniş kalın taret tipi ürün yelpazezine sahip üreticisidir. Yüksek performanslı Ultra TEC®, kullanışlı Ultra XT™ ve ekonomik orijinal stil, bunlardan başlıcalarıdır.



  • Multi Tools

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    Mate's INDUSTRY LEADING Ultra® Multi Tools for thick turret punch presses make full use of the advantages of Mate Ultra TEC® punches, strippers and Slug Free® dies.

  • Forming Solutions

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    Mate offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to accommodate any forming application in your thick turret punch press.

    • ULTRAFORM® Insert System

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      Ultraform®, Mate’s top-of-the-line forming tool system, is packed with features that make your job easier and help reduce your tooling costs, too!  Ultraform's unique insert system allows you unparalleled forming efficiency.

      With Ultraform, you can have an unlimited number of forming tools and use the same holder, reducing your overall tooling spend. Want to use a different form? Simply swap out the forming insert. It’s not only efficient; it’s cost-effective. The inserts are completely interchangeable between Mate's Ultraform, Ultraform XT or Ultraform FX holders, further enhancing cost effectiveness.